A native Oklahoman, Kendra Wesson was born in Lawton to a family with seven generations of history in Oklahoma. A Caddo Nation tribal member, Kendra has a love and passion for the history and people of Oklahoma that has only grown as she has invested her time in civic engagement and in serving people across many communities in Oklahoma.


Kendra and her husband Shea live and raise their children in Norman, where she also owns and operates a successful accounting firm. Having worked in accounting and bookkeeping since she was 17 years old, Kendra has served as a consultant for businesses to help them increase profits and implement controls along with policies and procedures. She is experienced in forensic accounting and is committed to using her skills to shine a light on government waste, fraud, and abuse, and bring transparency to Oklahoma taxpayers and citizens in her work as a state legislator.


While having been committed to serving her community in many capacities over the years, Kendra has only recently turned her focus to political engagement to defend the Constitutional rights of her neighbors which are being trampled by out-of-control federal and local governments.


She serves in several official capacities for the Republican Party of Oklahoma and is a co-founder/Board Member of 4 Norman which educates the public on local voting dates, how to register, and the absentee ballot process.  Kendra and her family are dedicated members of a local community church in Norman, and she would be the first to tell you that her faith closely informs her moral and political values.

Kendra Wesson has a proven record of getting the job done in support of our community and nation. We need Kendra as our State Representative - because Kendra can!


I’m running for House DIstrict 46 because I’ve seen the heart of our community - people who just want government officials to listen to them, to respond to needs, and to work alongside them for a stronger, freer, and more prosperous future. A future that builds opportunities and doesn’t tear people down. A future that opens doors, not bars them. A future that opens to a world of opportunities, not disappointments. I’m listening. And I’ll work for you as your State Representative - with your heart and hopes in mind. Join me. I can help. With your vote let’s lead Oklahoma! Kendra Wesson, Candidate for State Representative HD46.

-Kendra Wesson, candidate for House District 46


As an experienced accountant Kendra can demand accountability, transparency, and proper budgeting of your tax dollars. Encourage pro-business policies to grow our economy and combat Biden's out of control spending and inflation. Champion our Police Officers and help ensure funding to keep our communities safe. Work for excellence in education, support our Oklahoma National Guard and veterans of all armed forces. Support freedom in health care choices and defend life. Fight for election integrity while protecting your constitutional rights.

Fight back against Washington DC's attacks on our liberty.